9:00 AM Worship Service–Each Sunday in OCTOBER!


one-worship-graphic_octoberIt’s OCTOBER and we are celebrating Family Friends, Colleagues, and Coworkers! In addition to the Worship and Word Experience, our calendar is filled with some great events for the month! Worship start time–9:00am the entire month! Join us! Bring the entire family as our Bishop speaks blessing and release! “Living In Godly Abundance And Overflow!” Help spread the word! See you there!

#178 Leverage! Bringing People To Church! Influence! Bringing People To Christ!

178 ImageThere is always a place for you at Gathering of Champions Church! With two worship services each Sunday, and our Super Tuesday worship, each Tuesday evening at 7 pm, we purpose to use our “Leverage” and “Influence” to bring people to church–bringing people to Christ! Join us each week for Worship, The WORD , and Fellowship with some of the greatest people this side of heaven! With Christ as our offering, it is our goal to fill every seat–that is 178 seats to be exact for kingdom increase while making an impact! Come on! You’re invited to fellowship with us, and become a vital part of this great faith community–Gathering of Champions Church! Let us know who you are? Join the campaign today! Roll Call! Let us know who you are! #178

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