“The Genesis 26 Experience!”

Hundredfold Harvest (365) * Progressive Increase * Unlimited Opportunities * Sacred Space

Each year on October 1st, we embark upon 90-days of consecration. We, together seek the will of God for our lives and for the life of our ministry. This is our faithful sacrifice and practice leading into the New Year!

Our Daily Confession & Prayer!
Sowing in this season is our greatest priority!
Our faith accompanies our sowing!
Grace and favor cover our seed!
God is shaking our timeline!
Everything that goes down in seed form comes up in optimum harvest form!
Every time we search we find unlimited opportunities!
Increase continues in our lives; our conditions change permanently!
We reach our Rehoboth place and live in expansion!
Consistency and practice crown our success!
Humility and generosity are our constant joy!
Our heartbeat is to bless others!
We create a cycle of the Genesis 26 Experience!

Father in the name of Jesus Christ, give us the same grace and favor that You bestowed on Isaac because of the faithful covenant You made with Abraham. Let us experience the miracle-working power of God in dry, famished and barren places in our lives. We expect by faith the kind of radical results that defy nature, exceed logic, change the rules, unlock the impossible and bring complete satisfaction to our lives. We commit to today that Your blessings, miracles, and answers will be used to carry out Your perfect will for our families, our church, and others. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

Why We Confess! Blog Coming Soon!

Celebrating Connections!

Every year in October we celebrate our connections. October is Celebrating Connections Month! This year’s theme is “The Blossoming Life: Having Good People on Your Side!” In order for a plant to grow it needs certain things to help in its growth like water, some good soil, and sunlight. Without these elements, its survival rate could be slim to none.  And so it is for our lives! Healthy relationships healthy connections are essential to our growth both spiritually and naturally. These connections are there in the good and the bad offering wise counsel, sound biblical wisdom for a life that produces the fruit which comes from the Spirit! These connections are family, friends, coworkers and colleagues and we are celebrating them in October! If you would like to see  your connections through to a stronger, healthier relational lens, join us each Sunday and Tuesday and connect with us for current and new connections and some loving fellowship! We would love to see you! Bring family, friends–everyone in your network!

Producing Winning Disciples In Every Area of Life!