covid-19: GCC Official Statement

In the recent wake of the global pandemic COVID-19 also known as Coronavirus, we, the Gathering of Champions Church of Marietta, GA put forth the following:

The health, safety, and protection of our congregation have been our most paramount priority over the last 152 years. We believe that keeping our congregants informed and abreast of issues in our world supports our capacity to be efficacious, benevolent Christians and credible witnesses in this age.

Gathering of Champions Church will hold its regularly scheduled worship services on Sunday, March 15th at 9am.  However, will not be meeting for the Church@Study Hour.

We will have hand sanitizer stations at entry and exit points in our church. We will avoid handshaking and practice social distancing.  If you cough or sneeze, please follow the CDC guideline to prevent the spread of germs by doing so in your sleeve or handkerchief. PLEASE DO NOT COUGH OR SNEEZE OPENLY OR IN YOUR HANDS! We ask that sick people, those who might have been exposed to sick people, or those who have traveled outside the country practice self-quarantining. We will update our congregation on alterations and changes. 

We love and appreciate the people of our congregation. Let’s come together for prayer and worship.

Sincerely, Dr. Brian Keith Hodges, Senior Pastor
MAR 15, 2020

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