Congregational Care Ministry

Although our faith community makes it a practice to be accountable one to another we may not always know where or when Congregational Care is needed. Help us to stay connected by calling 770-424-0858 and leave a message so that love and care can flourish in your direction.


For disciples that are sick, hospitalized, at home, having surgery, distressed and would like prayer, or visitation, please…

1. Call the church and make us aware that you or someone is in need of pastoral care. If you are sharing your situation with a member of our community, please be sure that they know to advise the church!

2. Share with us the most appropriate time(s) to call and or visit.

3. Follow up with the church about your condition. Please keep us posted.

4. As a member making the call or visit, please make sure you announce that your visit is on behalf of the church family.

5. If you find out that someone is in need of this ministry and they haven’t received appropriate pastoral care, please be sure to contact Pastor Sanders, Pastor Bass, an elder, minister or leader, who will in turn advise the church. Then follow up with them to be sure that appropriate pastoral care is given.

Office: 770.424.0858, Option 5

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